Professional 3D animations, illustration and cartoons

3D characters

Design 3D characters and bring them to life for commercials or short film.

  Stylized 3D characters and objects.

  Animating characters to any desired format.

  Can be used for web, film, commercials and games.



3D animation

  Story telling through 3D animation.

Animations with voice over

  Performing dialogues and facial expressions..

 From storyboard to final production.


Information & Credits

Animation: Cactos series

Cient: in house production Solomedia Interaction Design

 Solomedia represent a professional studio for concept art and high quality sculptures. We provide a great variety of work for characters, environments and props in the range from concept art in 2D and 3D to high detailed sculptures.

If you have any requests, please feel free to contact the studio at any time.


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